Your first steps after joining-in

Positive day all & Welcome to the Beta launch of L.A.S!
As you will or already have noticed, this platform contains a big amount of information and options, so to make your user experience smooth & very productive, I highly recommend that you follow these first steps:
1) For faster results & better communication, I suggest that you all start by joining the Telegram channel + Telegram chat group (links in the CONNECT WITH US menu in footer), then getting familiar with groups & forums.
Telegram channel:
Telegram chat group:

2) Nobody want to exchange or collaborate with an anonymous person, so, to make this work, let’s know each others a bit, so please:
A) Complete your profile (Those who fail to do so after a certain period will be excluded from future courses).
B) Introduce yourself a bit in the appropriate forum:

3) If you want action right away! well, you are in the right place, I challenge you to take one of the 5-day challenges, and write your steps/ideas about it in the forums.
Free challenges:
Forum to discuss them:

So let’s get started people, take action now.

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