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MFMMSC DAY 2: Examples of MMS You can quickly launch


Here we are in DAY 2... So, get yourself a pen and a paper and let’s get started.

DAY 2: Examples of MMS you can launch this week.

In DAY 1 of this free challenge, I mentioned the retired couple who makes $100.000 a month by charging $4.7 a month to access emails about poetry and gardening.

If you didn’t read the FIRST DAY, go back to it and do so.

The man is an English teacher, and as far as I know, he is not an expert in poetry, just very passionate about it.
The woman, the same thing, tries to plant a variety of flowers, and she talks about her tests and results.

That’s it. As simple as that.

If you are wondering who pays two, NOT EXPERTS in poetry and gardening!

Well, I do not know, that’s their business secret, but I’m sure that their target audience is retired people like them.


If you think this couple’s example is too unrealistic…

Think about it for a moment.

The world is big, there are 3 to 5 billion humans connected, and each one has a hobby or an interest.

See by yourself.

Try this…

The next time you pass by a magazine kiosk, take a look at the weird variety of magazine’s subjects and ask yourself a question.

Who is paying for all these weird magazines?

Well, the answer is simple.

If, for example, the “electronics component magazine” has been on the shelves for a few years, it’s undoubtedly because thousands of people buy it every month.


Go to the Magazines.com website and check all the wide variety of subjects.

Look at the craft category there.

Also, take a look at the ethnic one.

And ask yourself…

Who are the Americans paying for a German related magazine, not a German-language magazine, but German matters magazine?

And why are they buying that kind of magazine?

Well, again, we all have our hobbies and interests, and whatever interest you pick, there are probably millions of people around the world who have the same.

Notice that Magazines.com is about USA magazines, so you can look for magazines available in your country or imagine the number of magazines that exist around the globe!


I know…

I know.

This probably confuses us more than it helps us…


My goal here is to explain that your first micro membership business can be about anything, and that’s OK, as long as there are people out there passionate about the same thing.

And to give you some real examples of MMS to launch fast:

I remember subscribing to a free newsletter of a guy from the United States, talking about how he raises his chicken!

Well, I’m not a farmer, and I do not know a thing about chicken.

I followed him on social media, read his free articles for a while, because I was curious to see how he was marketing his chicken monthly membership…

What I understood was that the guy was making a living managing his farm and making even more money with his paid monthly micro membership, telling people what he was doing with his chicken, etc.

He even had some extra video courses to sell…

He was doing webinars and other advanced marketing stuff… To sell more.


As he was writing all the time, he was not an expert in chicken, neither a farmer’s child, he just wanted to live close to nature, started a farm with his family, learned and tried, then sold the trials and results, even the bad one… In the form of a monthly micro membership.

So to resume it.

You do not need to be an expert to start an MMS.

Now, you may think that the MMS’s are complicated…

No, they are not.

The retired couple writes one email/ article a week that makes it four emails/ articles a month and gives them six days every week to write one email/ article talking about their hobbies.

Are you following me?


Because, for now, we got real MMS examples of poetry, flowers, gardening, and chicken farming.

Let me give you another real one…

I know an MMS that delivers parents weekly advice and, the owner of the micro membership targets new parents… Those who just got their first baby.

Again, I do not have kids, and I’m not an expert in kids… I was very interested to see how that “new parents” project turned readers of the free posts (like me) to paid members…

And guess how?

Very simple…

The website asked for $5 a month in exchange for weekly tips about newborn babies.

And the owner of that project got another micro membership about marketing a membership site lol

So now…

We have five real-life examples… let’s keep going…

Another excellent example of an MMS to launch this week would be what you are doing as a job now…

Yes, your actual job.

Are you an accountant? Then start an accounting MMS about accounting, even if you just got your job.

Are you a teacher? Then start a student’s parents’ MMS.

Maybe you are a lawyer specialized in industrial accidents? Then start an MMS about that.


You are a mechanic! No problem, start an MMS about the brand cars you usually work on, you like, and know-how to repair them.

Or maybe you are a web designer, specialized in UX? Start an MMSB about it.

A housewife? Start an MMS giving and exchanging tips with housewives like you.

Do you love watching wildlife documentaries? start an MMS about that.

Are you studying Spanish? Well, start an MMS discussing Spanish studies.

Are you a new immigrant in the USA or elsewhere trying to settle down? Then you guessed it, start an MMS about that.

Want more examples?

I, the guy you are reading right now, I have a micro membership system (MMS) about building and launching MMS’s… And you are enjoying its free challenge!

Yes, I have a micro membership site that teaches people how to build and start a micro membership system.


If you are wondering why you didn’t see an offer to join my micro membership yet…

Just wait for it.

I’ll sell you the access to it very soon.


In the next days, I’ll tell you more about it… And especially why I limit my MMS to few months only.

But to resume in just one sentence.

People stick more with LIMITED memberships, as most of us humans, do not like to pay forever.

That will be the subject of the 4th day of this challenge…

I’ll explain in detail the different types of MMS’s you can launch and the type you should use in all your future ones.

In the next step, day number three, I’ll tell you how to correctly pick a niche and a particular topic for your first MMS.

And before I tell you goodbye for today, let me ask you a couple of questions:

Now that you know some of the examples of MMS’s, what an MMS is, etc… Are you thinking of launching one soon?

What field are you in? And by that, I mean, what do you do in life? Do you have a job? Or are you a student Or a stay at home mom?

Answer in the FREE FORUMS and I’ll do my best to advise you on what kind of MMS you can start.

Next… I mean tomorrow…

DAY 3: How to select a niche and pick a hot topic for your first MMS.

Till then, stay tuned and take some action.

Do some research on the magazine’s websites and see if you can come up with a simple idea to launch quickly.

To your success!