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Membership challenge day 1: Introduction

Positive day STARTER!

Thank you for picking the 5-day free Micro Membership Site challenge…

You will love what you will learn in it… And to jump right into the action… Here is DAY 1:


DAY 1. The introduction to the MM system.


Who doesn’t, right! then, build and launch your first micro-membership site… Wait…No!

Why stop at one site… Build and launch as many micro-membership as you can… If you want to have more monthly income…

Simple! isn’t it?

That’s it guys; there’s no other straightforward way to start generating a recurring income online.

You can start today… And Start making money in a couple of days…

I know, I know, right now, you may want to scream “SCANDALOUS! HERE WE GO AGAIN, ANOTHER BS GUIDE, by an unknown guy ABOUT EASY MONEY MAKING ONLINE!”…

Before you do that and risking to hurt your voice, please allow me a few minutes to introduce you to the idea of MICRO MEMBERSHIP SITE BUSINESS, for short MMS.



The MICRO MEMBERSHIP SITE BUSINESS is, for me, and many marketers out there, one of the easiest online micro-businesses you can build and launch fast… And by fast, I mean on a weekend, or just a few days, in case you are a total beginner.


It is easy to build and launch… Believe me… Just keep reading and you’ll find out how and why.

The goal here is to start making an extra monthly “ALMOST PASSIVE” income.

Notice that I used the word ALMOST PASSIVE because I want to be real here, there is NO ONLINE PASSIVE INCOME out there, I repeat, PASSIVE INCOME DOESN’T EXIST, it’s a myth… Exactly like the mermaid’s one.

To launch and grow any business online you need to do some kind of work and invest some time in it, so even if your business needs just 1 hour a week to run and the income comes in automatically month after month, you still have to work on it for that 1 hour a week… and you still need to do small things here and there to keep it going… clear enough!


Where was I? ah yes…

Now let’s get back to the MMS model for real.


4 words for:

MICRO: It is small, simple, and limited in time (more about that in the next days).
: People pay you month after month in exchange for specific information.
: Well, this business model needs a website, a minimal 3 to 5 web pages one.
: Yes, it is, if you do it right, it can replace your 9 to 5.

To explain it better, here’s how it works:

You build a micro membership site business, open it to the public; and promote it,. The members who join will pay you every month x dollars for x months to access precise information about a particular topic.

Clear enough!



Here’s a realistic example:

Imagine that you have a micro membership, and the access fee is set at $5 a month for five months…

Assuming you are a total newbie, and that you are starting fresh in the online world, you’ll only get ten members to join in every month…

So, in the end, you will end up with a first monthly income of $5 x 10 members = $50, and because your membership lasts 5 months, the total revenue will be $5 x 10 members x five months = $250.

See, you’ve already got back whatever little investment I mentioned you put in… And guess what, the money will always be coming in because your main job will be to get new members to join every day of the week, every week of the month…

In this example, I’ve been very realistic and down to earth and assumed that getting ten members a month is the worst you can do, but what if you knew how to get more members to join, what if you got 50 every month!

Let’s do the maths…

$5 x 50 members = $250 of monthly income the first month.
$250 of monthly income x 5 months = $1250 of total income.

Now let’s assume that you will focus on growing your business, and after several weeks of experience, you will be able to get 500 members a month.

$5 x 500 members = $2500 of monthly income.
$2500 of monthly income x 500 members x 5 months = $12500 of total income.

And the business goes on and on… automatically (In the next days I’ll explain the automatic side of it).

Now, you may think, what the heck! 500 members that’s too much to get every month…


Well, I understand you and, I’m already smiling imagining the face you will make after I tell you that…

The highest monthly income, I read about online was $100.000 a month, with a simple $4.7/monthly membership!

YES! You read well, $100.000 a month with a small $4.7 a month!

The creators of that membership are a retired couple… He writes about the poems he likes and, she writes about her gardening trials and, guess what!… A gazillion of people worldwide pays them $4.7 a month to receive poetry and gardening emails.

And they make $100.000 a month!

Amazing, right!

They didn’t make that much money the first month they’ve started their micro membership business… It took them a few months of trials, errors, optimizations, and hard work.

Now, if you read all the text from the beginning carefully, you already know that I’ve written… The good thing about this business model is, the automation, so even if you get just a few members to join your membership in the first month, you’ll still have all the time in the world to find more in the future, because…

Tralala!… The system is automatic.

You get few members to join and pay the small monthly fee; the system delivers the content automatically, you get more members to join, the system continues to do the same… So basically, your main job will be to get new members…


If you keep following me in the next days and beyond, you’ll have a real blueprint to build and launch your MMS in no time and, if you are as fast as “Speedy Gonzales” (the cartoon) in taking actions… Your business can even be up, running and, already making money in the next few days.


Let me clarify one thing…


Yes, it’s so damn easy to setup.

Yes, it’s very simple to launch.

Yes, you do not need big ideas to get the site up and running… But your success will depend on two important things:

  1.  Your level of knowledge about the online technical stuff, like getting a domain name, web hosting, etc…
  2.  Your focus, work, and dedication to the micro business.

Do not worry about the technical side of the system, I’m here to help, just stick with me till the end, and you’ll learn everything in details, you will be able to put all the parts together and launch in few days… Even on a weekend.

So now, here is the $100.000 question:

Are you going to stick with me or no?

I believe you will.

You may be getting all excited about the idea (glad if you do) while panicking about how to find the ideal niche (the field) and the topic to choose for your first MMS.

You may not know much about any subject…

It’s OK…


I got you…

Take a deep breath and continue reading…

On the next day of this FREE CHALLENGE, you’ll have a BIG AHHAAA MOMENT; then, you’ll choose a particular niche and a specific topic very fast.

Just get a pen and piece of paper, take notes and take action just after you read any… And… Remember, you are here to create an extra monthly income fast.


Before jumping to the next day.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FORUMS And post your thoughts and questions.


Tell me…

What do you think of this business model?

Do you see yourself building and launching your first MMS fast?


DO ME A FAVOR, if you found this information useful, let your friends and loved ones know about this simple business model, it could really help them get an extra monthly income…

Share this link wherever you can and like.

That was it for today…

Tomorrow You’ll get more details and especially examples of MMS you can launch.

Till then…

Take action… And remember:

There are no enemies, but the enemies within, the enemies outside can do us no harm” African proverb.

It’s all about you now.

Tomorrow, you will get… DAY 2: Examples of MMS to launch this week.



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