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Use Facebook live to promote products

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FB live 01: Sell directly

The idea here is to basically create a video sales letter, but you do it live.

Use home-shopping channels as a guide when it comes to presenting your benefits while keeping your audience entertained. (Hint: it helps to have another person on the video to banter with about the product.)

Follow this outline:

  • Start with the problem. Explain the signs and symptoms of a problem. Remind people of the pain of the problem. The point here is to get your viewer’s to self-identify and say, “Hey, I have this problem!”

E.G., “Do you wake up during the night and have troubles falling back to sleep?”

  • Introduce the solution. Now that you’ve identified the problem, you next introduce your product as the solution to the problem. Up until this point you’ve been reminding people of the pain of their problem. Now you offer them hope and get them to imagine relief from their problem.
  • Showcase the benefits of the product. If this was a text sales letter, this is where you’d offer your bulleted list of benefits. You can demo your product and point out the features and benefits as you go through the top five or so benefits that your product offers.
  • Provide a call to action. At this point your audience should be fairly excited about the product, so now you offer a call to action where you tell them how to order the product.
  • Answer questions. This is a live video, so make use of the live function by fielding questions from your audience. As you do so, continue to reiterate the benefits. And be sure to mention your call to action from time to time.

So this is a pretty hard-sell method, and it will end up looking like an infomercial on the home shopping network.

Use this method sparingly, as social media followers don’t typically like hopping on Facebook just to watch an advertisement.

Next… Demonstrate a product.


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