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Set up and run a successful FB group

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FB GROUP 01: Determine your type

Here are five ideas for different types of groups you can set up:

  1. Typical discussion group. This is where you set up a group around a topic (such as online marketing), and people ask questions, answer questions, and discuss hot topics.
  2. Support group. This is for people who need both practical and emotional support to achieve a goal. An example would be a weight-loss support group.
  3. Swap and shop group. Here’s where people buy and sell niche related items. You can set this group up for a specific area, or around a specific type of item (such as WWII memorabilia).
  4. Picture or video-sharing group. Here’s where people share ideas through pics and videos. An example is where people who do “do it yourself” remodeling share theirs before and after pics.
  5. Coaching group. Here’s where you provide group coaching by soliciting questions and then answering them on a regular basis. This sort of group often includes a typical discussion group component, where members discuss issues.
  6. Private group. This is where you set up a secret group, usually for paid customers. This group is not open to the public, nor is it even searchable or viewable to the public.

Think about your business goals as well as your social media goals, select the group that’s right for you, and then move onto the next step…


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