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Amazon Merch: Introduction

The t-shirt business model has exploded recently, with a lot of focus on sites like TeeSpring and similar ones, but did you know there’s another major player in the industry that has been largely ignored, despite having the largest built-in market for your products that you could ever possibly find?

I’m speaking of Merch by Amazon.
Yes, that’s right. Amazon.
For those of you who don’t know, Amazon came out with this program a while back, and initially, it was targeted mainly at app developers who wanted to offer fan shirts for their games and apps.
But savvy marketers quickly realized the potential to maximize their income and began to use it as a general merch opportunity, and they profited big time!

As you probably already know, Amazon is the largest online retailer.

They surpassed Alibaba and Walmart, and an article on CNBC alleges they are expected to take nearly 50% of all online sales by the end of 2019!
If you want sales (And who doesn’t?) there is no better place to reach your target audience, build a loyal tribe, and increase your income!

Best of all, it’s practically effortless!
In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best ways you can use Merch by Amazon to make money on almost complete autopilot once you have a few products listed.
Are you ready?
Then let’s get started!


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