Get started offering to coach today!

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Get started offering to coach today!

Coaching is definitely something you can get started offering today.
Exactly what you do today will depend on the type of coaching you’re offering, who you’re offering it to, what you’re charging, what your specialty is, and many other factors.

At the bare minimum, I recommend you create a welcome packet for your new coaching clients.
Maybe create a questionnaire that asks them about themselves and what they expect from you as their coach. Create a document that tells them what they’ll be getting, how to contact you, and exactly what the format of the coaching will be.

You may take today to create some worksheets and checklists to help your clients with whatever it is you’re helping them with.

As a coach, you want to be as professional and helpful as possible.

Today, you’re creating your welcome materials and your intro materials to get things started on the right foot.

These welcome and intro materials should set expectations so that your future clients will know what they’re signing up for in advance. There’s nothing worse than a client expecting help in one way, and a coach not able to provide it in that expected way.

The great thing about offering coaching is that the bulk of the work comes when your clients ask you questions and in your personal interactions with them.
So this is a product you can get started with very quickly, and start earning with very quickly.
This is a way to create an offer that can do quite well for you without a lot of work at the start of things.

This can also be a way to create future products very quickly.

For example, you might hold webinars or teleseminars where your coaching clients can ask you questions, or you can give the “lesson of the week or month”.

You’ll be recording those sessions, and after they’re done you can use the best of the recordings as a future product or product. Just be sure that if you discuss any client-specific details, or you record a client’s voice, that you get permission to use that in the future. You might even include that provision when you take on new clients, giving them a special price in exchange for their permission to use the recordings for future products.

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