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  • Admin here, this is my introduction

  • learnandstart

    April 4, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Positive day all and welcome to L.A.S.

    As on the first steps (indicated in the main menu), here I’am introducing myself;

    .You can find some basic info about me in the ABOUT L.A.S page.

    .At the time I’m posting this I’m 48 years old.

    .I studied computers in the late 80.

    .I first connected to internet in 95.

    .My first business attempt was in 2005 with KYDMA services.

    .KYDMA services in the name that I picked for my business name.

    .KYDMA.COM is also a company domain name that manages this website.

    .KYDMA.COM is also the private domain name servers used for all my website, including this one..

    .I incorporated a private company in France in 2009.

    I lived the past 28 years of my life in 7 countries.

    .The time I’m posting this, I’m in Asia, Malaysia, and can not travel elsewhere (Pandemic).

    .I tried several business models like Dropshipping when I lived in China for 4 years, but my main income the past 11 years was from consulting, as an independent marketer.

    .I really tried dozen and dozen of different things, and few worked out, because I was ignorant and not orginized.

    .I help people and small businesses start and grow online, by using simple, cheap solutions.

    .I’am originary from Algeria, north Africa, and been moving around since I’m 20 years old.

    .I do speak French (second language), Arabic, Italian (studies in Italy), English, Basic Spanish, and very very little of Chinese and German.

    .I’m a very minimalist person, I live and own a little by choice (search minimalism online).

    .I’m a stoic person, I do not worry about things I can not control (search stoicism online).

    .I strongly believe that internet can help fix 99% of the issues in the world, specially the economic, education, racism and so on.

    .I also believe that people can leave the 9-to5 rat race, and make a living with simple business ideas (now it all depends if you happy or not with your actual life, because not all people are suffering in this modern race).

    Well, that resume it all I guess.

    Your turn.

    Tell us about you, about your plans, dreams etc.


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