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Get a ready-made DFY business kit to have your own business set up for you so that you can launch & start selling freaking fast

Pick your DFY business

Get your DFY membership business installed for you, with the ready to sell content, plus the follow-up to start

My micro membership

Get a micro membership DFY business that teaches people how to set up a micro membership website (MMS)

My info-product membership

Get a micro membership DFY business that teaches people how to create and launch an information product

With your DFY business, get...

The business website with the system & the content to sell, plus the step-by-step help course to finish the set up then launch it.

Domain name

Get & use your own business domain name to start the next days (renewable)

Web hosting

Get a web hosting pack (with Cpanel) to host your domain name and website

The DFY business

Get your DFY business website fully set up with the content to sell ready in no time

DFY content to sell

Get all the necessary content to sell as a micro membership set up for you on your website

Help courses

Get the step-by-step help course to finish the set up then launch your business

WordPress courses

We'll provide video courses (on-demand) to help you manage your website

The community

Discuss your DFY business and exchange ideas with other motivated members

Private chat group

Access our private Telegram chat group dedicated to the DFY business starters

Dedicated support

Get the support & follow up you need to go going all the way from point A to point Z

Frequently asked questions

F.A.Q about this kit, more F.A.Q are in the help section.

The website kit includes the domain name and web hosting, plus your pre-installed website.

Unfortunately, we can not set up your website on your own web hosting, as this is what the website kit offer is about… So you need to order our website kit to access the WordPress courses, and the website set up, plus our support.

Note: You can use the domain name you already own and order the website kit.

By that, we mean you will have a micro membership business website that sells lessons of a method gradually to your paying members.

You’ll get a 12 lessons method on how to set up a micro membership site, or how to create and launch your first info-product.

Members will have to pay a small monthly fee to access all the  12 lessons.

With the DFY business kit you get access to the DFY business help course, so that you can learn how to finish setting it up your business, then open it to the public.

And, you also get access to the WordPress courses, so that you can learn how to manage your website & all options in Cpanel.

The Cpanel is a web hosting panel that gives you hundreds of options to manage your host, like creating & managing your emails,etc.

The official demo of Cpanel is here.

We are working on adding a Cpanel page that explains all the options, check the help.

We will do 99% of the work for you.

By 99%, we mean we will set up everything for you, but you need to finish the set up by:

  • Adding your payment details.
  • Adding your contact details,
  • Adding your website logo.
  • Deciding your monthly fees.

The small changes you have to do may take you an hour or less, it all depends on your level of knowledge of WordPress.

Yes, you read well, your business will be ready in an hour or so, and to make things even easier for you, we have added the DFY step-by-step help course to guide you all along with those small changes, so, rest assured, you will be up and running in no time.

Micro membership sites are one of the easiest info-products to sell, and this is why:

  • They stop after a precise number of weeks or months: think about it for a moment, would you pay a membership that lasts forever or one that stops after a certain amount of time?
  • They are affordable: because your selling prices will be between 4.7 to 17 Euros or dollars, people do not hesitate to join them, as they know how much they will spend in total (number of weeks or month per monthly fee)
  • Users tend to stick with them: because they know that in x weeks or months they will reach the desired results, not like endless membership where they pay more and more with no end in sight.
  • They are easy to follow: the content is divided into x weeks or month, and each lesson pushes the user to  follow it, also, because it is delivered every x day or once a week, users do not feel overwhelmed with information.

So, now, what if I told you, join my membership and learn how to reach the goal x, in y amount of time and see concrete results just after that… You see now why we prefer to offer DFY micro membership.

Sure you can, just let us know what domain name you’ll like to use and we will set it up for you.

If you do have a domain name already, we can set it up on our hosting too.

Contact us or check the help for more information.

We do offer all our website kit users a hosting pack composed of :

  • 20 email addresses.
  • 20 GB of webspace.
  • 20 GB of monthly traffic.
  • And much more…

That’s more than enough for you to get started, actually, this platform is hosted on a similar pack…

More details are/will be available in the help section.

Important to note: Please notice that we do not offer unlimited options, because unlimited is just a fancy marketing word that many companies use, in real life, there are no unlimited disks or emails, simply because they don’t exit…Each machine has it’s limitation.

To get the answer you seek, use our Help section, our chat to contact us (even if we are offline), our Telegram open group (invite link), and if you are registered (even as a free member), use the groups or forums available to you.

So, ready to finally launch?

If yes, get your DFY business kit today and finally launch your online business... No more excuses to delay, we got you covered.

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