My micro membership site business project

A 12-steps business project to launch your micro membership site (MMS)...

Want to launch a small profitable online business that doesn’t require must work, and can start selling very fast?

Look no further, the MMS is what you need.

The Micro Membership Site business model.

What is it? you may ask…

Well, it is a few web pages model that allows you to sell to your customers a micro (low fee) monthly membership to access a specific course or method to go from A to Z and end up with results.

Example: Let say that you decide to launch an MMS to teach people how to plant one specific kind of flower, let’s call it flower A… The course may have 12 lessons… Your customers will have to pay you $7 a month (as an example) to access 4 lessons per month… So, with this example, your membership will end up in 3 months.

This example will be easy to sell because:

  • With our flower MMS example, the paying costumers will know exactly how much they will spend in total for the whole method/course, and that’s $7 x 3 = $21 total.
  • The paying customers will know that they will go from A to Z and archive results with your step-by-step lessons… They start with an introduction of that specific flower, and they end up planting and seeing it grow.
  • The MMS is so easy to sell because the fees are low ($7), the time frame of the membership is limited (in our example 3 months) and the results are just at the end of the steps.

You may think, ok, that sounds good, but I do not know anything about flowers or how to write lessons… It’s ok, we got you covered because to start selling, all you need is the sales-page and the first 2 lessons, actually a welcome message and the first lesson only then, you’ll have a whole 7 days (one lesson every 7 days), to write the second lesson.

Do you see how easy it is…

Or maybe a better question…

How long do you think you need to write a sales page, a welcome message, and one lesson?


If you are wondering how you will make money with just $7/ month!

Well, there is nothing that stops you from launching another MMS that follows the first one… In our example, we started with an MMS about flower A, you can start another MMS about flower B, and the whole goal of your consecutive MMS’s will be to have a beautiful garden with x number of various flowers.

Or maybe, another MMS about how to maintain flower A…

Do you see the possibilities here?

In any way, to get started with this business project, you need to follow it’s prerequisites.

Business project/ course prerequisites: You need to finish the “My first micro membership site challenge” before taking this course.

Ready for this full business project?

Let’s dive in.

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