7-Day plan to make your first affiliate sale

4282 words full 7-day action plan to learn how to make your first affiliate sale.

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Quick Summary :


Day 1: Create a valuable free report and a squeeze page:
A) Create a free report:
Step 1: Find out what your prospects want.
Step 2: Outline the product:
Step 3: Create it:
B) Craft a squeeze page:
Quick Recap of day 1.

Day 2: Add value to your offer.

Day 3: Get your autoresponder set up:
Step 1: Get an Autoresponder.
Step 2: Create an Initial Email Series.
A quick recap of day 3.

Day 4: Distribute your links widely:
Tell your contacts!
Spread the word across multiple sites.

Day 5: Find ad swap partners.
Day 6: Write and submit content.

Day 7: Set up a PPC campaign:
Step 1: Choose your keywords.
Step 2: Bid on your Keywords.
Step 3: Create your Ad.
Step 4: Track and tweak.


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