Automate your lists with GetResponse

Learn how you can automate your e-mail lists with GetResponse.

ATTENTION INTERNET MARKETERS: Ready to Start Using Real Strategy?

“See How Easily You Could Use GetResponse to Build and Manage Your List”

In this Course, You’ll Learn How to use the NEW GetResponse…

You’ve come to this page because like all entrepreneurs you want to build your list. And you know you need a good solid autoresponder to do it. You’re probably tired of hearing….

Learn A Few Technical Details and You’ll Never Pay Another Autoresponder Fee…

This Autoresponder Gets Into the Inbox 100% of the Time…

Or maybe you’ll hear…My Open Rate Increased Dramatically When I Started Using __ Autoresponder…

And you start to wonder, are they right? Are they telling the trush? Who should I trust?

An Autoresponder Must Work Most If Not All of the Time

The fact is that there is a reason that you pay the fee to an autoresponder comopany. It’s because you want to focus on marketing and not on Tech Stuff

You know that every day that goes by that your list isn’t growing you could be falling behind…

In fact, many times the less that a technology does the better off you are, because you can focus on those few things that really make you money…

You’ve probably heard about GetReponse in the past, and how easy and uncomplicated it was to use. Isn’t that ideal?

The answer is yes and no. There are that you must do with your mailing list that even to keep it simple, what goes on inside of the service need to be complex.

Because more and more customers will no longer tolerate irrelevant information, and what’s more…if you’re late with your message your customer is probably willing to buy the same thing from somebody else.

So, the “Simple” (and former) GetResponse needed to increase what it was able to do, yet remain newbie friendly and easy to use and understand.

And that’s why the’ve done a total revamp of their site, look and offerings.
The question is whether all of that “new” stuff makes it easy or harder to operate…

The New GetResponse Does So Much More

Now that it has been revamped the new Getresponse does a much better of job of giving you options to get the right message to the right customer at the right time, and much of that is automated.

Think of what it would be like to set up an intelligent email system, that learns and adjusts. Would you want to learn how it operates? Well, we’ve got you covered.


Automate your lists with GetResponse

Using the Powerful Features of GetResponse To Build Your Business.

What you’ll discover in this Course:

  • How to Use Suppression and Contact Lists
  • How to Work with The Landing Page Tool
  • How to Create Complex Campaigns
  • How to Create Newsletters
  • How to Send Your Blog Post to Email
  • Doing Joint Ventures
  • How to Use Tracking Systems
  • How To Use E-Mail Analytics
  • How to Use Direct Integrations
  • Creating and Using Surveys
  • E-Mail Automation
  • Setting Up a Buyer E-Mail List
  • Setting Up on Warrior Plus
  • Optin-Page Set Up
  • Automation
  • Zapier Automation
  • Zapier Connection to Paypal and Getresponse
  • Wishlist Member Integration
  • JVZoo Purchase Automation
  • Start to Finish Workflow Videos
  • And Much Much More…

So let’s dive in…

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Course Includes

  • 34 Lessons
  • Your website with START level

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