Build marketing funnels with OptimizePress 2.0


In this 104-videos course, learn how to use OptimizePress 2.0 to build funnels, sales pages and not ...

Build your funnels with optimizepress

Attention: Internet Marketers: Ready To Start Using OptimizePress?

Who Wants To Master OptimizePress And Start Building Funnel Pages With Ease?

You’ve come to this page because you’re the kind of marketer that wants to see results in their business.  And one of the things that probably holds you back is the ability to do things quickly when you’re thinking about them.  You know that if it takes you too long to do something, it’s likely that you’ll lose the inspiration and get caught by something else.


Something else like a new software program…

Something else like a new “hot” method…

Something else like a new traffic method…

It happens to everyone in this business.

But what can you do?


Start Creating Pages When the Idea Hits You

The key to moving forward in your business is to launch your ideas as soon as the moment hits you.  Getting them onto your sales pages…Getting them out in front of people.

The problem with this is that creating pages isn’t easy or fast.  In fact, even all of the “drag and drop”, page builders have manuals that are sometimes hundreds of pages long.  The problem with this is that creating pages isn’t easy or fast.  In fact, even all of the “drag and drop”, page builders have manuals that are sometimes hundreds of pages long.


But OptimizePress Is Easy(er), Right?

OptimizePress is a WordPress Page builder that Internet Marketers use but most have been unable to fully unlock it’s full potential.

When working at it’s best, OptimizePress can help marketers create business pages including sales pages, bonus pages, squeeze pages, webinar pages, thank you page, webinar pages, blog pages…just about everything your business needs…

…and at lightning speed.  As long as you understand a few tricks to help you to navigate the system.

And we’ve put those tricks into a step by step video course.



Create Funnels with OptimizePress, How to Create Pages with OptimizePress 2.0.


Here’s Exactly what You’ll get in this Course:

The Create Funnels with OptimizePress Step By Step Over the Shoulder Video Course

What You’ll Discover in is 104 High Quality Mp4 Videos.

And here is the exact list:

Beginner level:

00 Introduction Overview
01 Installing The Optimize Press Theme
02 Installing The Optimize Press Plugin
03 Global Settings Header Logo and Favicon Set Up
04 Global Settings Site Footer
05 Global Settings SEO Options
06 Global Settings Page Revisions
07 Global Settings Promotional Settings
08 Global Settings Custom CSS and Typography
09 Global Settings Content Templates
10 Global Settings Flowplayer Fancybox
11 Analytics And Tracking
12 Connect E Mail And Go To Webinar
13 Social Integration Facebook Comments
14 Social Integration Twitter
15 Compatibility Check
16 The Page Dashboard Basic Editing
17 The Editing Basics
18 Edit Screen Layout Thumbnail Page
19 Edit Screen Layout Settings Header Element
20 Edit Screen Layout Settings Feature Title
21 Edit Screen Layout Settings Footer Area
22 Edit Screen Layout Settings Typography Color
23 Edit Screen Page Settings
24 Edit Screen Layout Settings Membership Settings
25 Edit Screen Layout Settings Content Templates
26 Edit Screen Page Revisions
27 Edit Screen Side Panel Buttons
28 Edit Screen Add An Element Function
29 Edit The Row Element
30 Edit Screen Individual Elements On A Blank Page
31 Elements Add Audio Player
32 Add A Blog Post
33 Add A Bullet Block
34 Add A Button
35 Add Calendar Date And Time
36 Add Content Toggle Button
37 Add A Countdown Timer
38 Add Custom HTML Code
39 Add A Visual Divider
40 Add A Dynamic Date
41 Add A Feature Box
42 Using The File Download
43 Add A Guarantee Box
44 Add A Headline
45 Add A Hyperlink
46 Add An Image
47 Creating Two Columns Of Text
48 Using The Overlay Optimizer
49 Add Vertical Spacing
50 Add Video To Your Page


Advanced level:

00 Overview To ZooPlus.
01 JVZoo Get Started.
02 b JVZoo Product Set Up Part One.
03 JVZoo Product Set Up Part Two.
04 JVZoo Product Set Up Part Three.
05 S2 Member Basic Set Up.
06 Zoo S2 Member Connection.
07 Testing Your System Reasons For Failure b.
08 E Mail Issues.
09 E Mail Through SendGrid And WordPress.
10 Testing Our Your E Mail System.
11 WordPress Installation.
12 Optimize Press Login Download.
13 Google Analytics Optimize Press Tracking Set Up.
14 Optimize Press Tracking Set Up.
15 Autoresponder Integration Aweber.
16 Create A Simple Sales Page From A Template.
17 Create A Pre Launch Opt In Page.
18 Create A Thank You Page For Your Opt In.
19 Create An Upsell Page.
20 Create Two Download Pages Front End And Upsell.
21 OM Download and Install Optimize Member.
22 OM a Optimize Member General Options Membership Options.
22 OM b General Options Membership Home Page.
23 OM Optimize Member Membership Login Page.
24 OM Optimize Member General Settings Login Redirect Page Setup.
25 OM Optimize Member E Mail Configuration.
26 OM Optimize Member General Options Login Form Editing.
27 OM Optimize Member General Options Security Encryption Key.
28 OM Restriction Options.
29 OM Download Restrictions Basic Download Restrictions.
30 OM Download Options Amazon S3 File Serving.
31 OM Accesssing Getting Secure Keys For Amazon S3.
32 OM Cloudberry Server Amazon S3 Set Up Interface.
33 OM Manually Add A Customer To Your Membership Or Product.
34 OM Exporting And Importing Members Into Optimize Member.
35 OM Paypal Options Paypal Account Details.
36 OM Paypal Options Paypal IPN Information 3rd Party Proxy.
37 OM Setting Custom Capabilities.
38 OM Basic Download Restrictions Set Limits.
39 OM Amazon S3 And Serving Files From Your Server.
40 OM Upload To Amazon S3.
41 OM Serving Inline File Exensions.
42 OM Setting Up Download Pages In Optimize Member Served From Amazon S3.
43 OM Using The Membership Downloads Element With Amazon S3.
44 OM Amazon S3 Serving Files Inline Rules And Considerations.
45 OM Serving Files In Our Server 2.
46 OM Using The Membership Files Download Element For Our Server 2.
47 OM Connecting The Download Page To JVZoo.
48 OM Test Your JVZoo Purchase Process.
49 OM Place Your Sales Page Link In JVZoo.
50 OM Sales Page Link On Membership Home page.
51 OM Place Buy Button On Make Product Live.


So Is it a Deal?

How Can I Start Creating Pages Quickly Right Now?

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When you consider all of the ways that you can turn this into profit, this is a fantastic deal.



You’ll discover all of the steps, tools and resources to get you moving with this awesome theme and plugin.

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A. Absolutely yes… This isn’t about some theoretical outdated information… This course is about what’s really working online RIGHT NOW.

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A. I’am Adel Kassouri the founder of L.A.S, a digital nomad and an independent marketing consultant, for the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people like you and small businesses to start and grow online.

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