Who's behind Learn And Start?

Here, learn a bout Learn and Start, the founder, the mission and the main idea behind the project.

The story:

LearnAndStart.com or L.A.S started with a simple idea:

The idea of the start was creating a global community of learners and starters, those those who decided to take action, start and grow an online business…

After several delays, here’s the project up and running…

By the time I’m writing this introduction, there are more than 500 videos packed in 20 free and paid courses, and more are coming soon… Including free guides, plus a FB group to get us all motivated to learn, start and grow our businesses online.

Meet the founder:

adel kassouri

Adel Kassouri, AdelKassouri.com, founder of LearnAndStart.com

I do help people and small businesses to start and grow online, by providing simple, effective, economic strategies to get measurable and positive results fast.

To your success.