A simple solution for a complicated web

It is not easy to start online, it is costly, it is lengthy and very complicated… L.A.S is the solution that simplify it all

Simplifying the process for the common people

From ideas to launches, we strive to push you to ACT, and give you the help along the process

Pick an idea, make a plan, and launch it... Simple!

Use the guides, and challenges to get an idea... Use the ideas, plans, and projects to plan it... Discuss with others, and launch it

About the company

This PROJECT is managed by KYDMA company.

Incorporated in France

KYDMA is incorporated in Europe, France, since February 2009.

Years of experience

We started providing services to small businesses in 2005, and we gained a lot of experience ever since.

Security & guarantee

Secure payments systems with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can sleep tight and trust us.

Truly international

To answer the global demands, at KYDMA, we speak English, French, Italian and Arabic languages.

We know our limits

Contrary to others, we can not pretend to help everyone, that’s why our offers are simple and limited.

We love to help

A question... Why do you think we included that much discussion forums?

Our crew

Two digital marketers united to help you


Adel Kassouri


Manager of KYDMA, I studied computers when they were bigger than a room wall, addicted since 96, I am a digital nomad (my office is a laptop)… I believe that the WWW can solve 99% of worldwide issues, so, I am here to push your to your %100 financial and geographical freedom.


Leo A


A costumer digital service expert (Blockbuster, Canon)…A senior closer and social media business maniac, I help medium and small businesses sell more physical and digital products online by acquiring and converting leads… Here to push you online too, because you can do it all there.

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