About L.A.S

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What Is L.A.S?

It is surely not your regular e-learning platform, and it is all about learning and taking action in the same place

Realistic Ideas

We provide realistic down-to-earth ideas

Digital Businesses

All about digital business, the simplest one

Social Community

Contrary to others, we focus on the humans

Economic Projects

All our business projects can be started with €20

Logical Sequence

From ideas to challenges to business projects

Your Website

We even provide you with a website to start with

About Us

Some basic information about us

A company behind

L.A.S is managed by Kydma company, incorporated in 2009 in France under number: 51043139800013

The people behind

The creators of L.A.S are very, I mean very passionate people, we love what we do, and we don’t even consider this a job

The people we serve

L.A.S was born to help those that the internet forgets, the beginners who can not afford €2000 coaches and courses

The strategy we use

Simplifying all the noise by providing a logical line to follow, discover ideas, challenge yourself, start a project, simple!

The People

Just two modern musketeers changing the world (of a few)

Adel Kassouri

4 languages, online since 95, lived in 8 countries, minimalist, stoic, changing the developing world www, and simplifying the rest


A social enthusiast fella who worked in marketing with the big names and loves Pizza the same way he loves helping people online