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Want to start online, but

You encounter one or more of these obstacles

No experience

You do not have any online experience in the web, e-commerce, marketing, design, etc.

No idea to start

You have a lot of business ideas but not a clear one to launch

No plan to execute

Even with an idea, you don’t know how and where to start

No time to start

You don’t have time to do research and take various courses

No budget to start

You don’t have a budget to recruit a professional to do it for you

No online income

You don’t know how to recoup your investment and generate a fast income

No domain name

You don’t know where and how to choose a good domain name for your business

No web hosting

You don’t know where and how to choose a good web hosting for your website

No website to use

You don’t know how to build, configure and optimize your business website

No community to exchange

You do not know with whom to exchange ideas and motivate yourself

No support to help

You don’t know anyone who can guide you through your project

Good news! the solution you’ve been looking for is here..

Learn and Start eliminates all the obstacles you encounter during the preparation and launch of your business

Learn and Start

Find an idea, then learn how to build, launch and grow your online business

Save time

Go straight to the point and save time by following our “step by step” courses and lessons

Clear plans

Follow specific action plans in our courses to get you started quickly

Save money

Contrary to others who suggest expensive stuff, with us, you build your business economically

Make money

Recoup your investment and start earning from day one with our affiliate system

Join a community

You are no longer alone, join other entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and stay motivated

Get support

You are no longer alone, join other entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and stay motivated

Get started in 3 steps

Follow these three simple steps to get started


Join the community

Join the Starters community and access the courses, the guides, the group, and the forums


Learn and ACT

Use the challenges, the courses, the group, and the forums to learn and plan your online business


Start your business

Start your online business freaking fast using our business ideas and projects

What is Learn and Start?

We call it L.A.S, a private community that includes everything you need* to learn and start your online business

*L.A.S includes 50 courses, 770+ lessons, plus, several groups and forums.


Guides to prepare you for various online businesses


Challenge yourself, test an idea, and prepare it for launch


Use various web tools to manage your business better


Develop and grow your business with the marketing courses


Learn how to use and optimize WP with our courses


Groups and forums to exchange ideas and get support

What business to start?

You can start a small online business, like

Membership sites

Launch a simple, profitable, and economic micro membership

Digital products

Create and sell your own digital products, or just use others

Monetized blogs

Launch your personal blog and monetize it in several ways

Online academies

Launch your online academy and sell your courses & training

W.A.A.S business

Launch your website as a service business like Shopify and Wix

Coaching business

Learn then launch your own online coaching business

Digital shops

Launch your online shop and sell your products and services

Other businesses

Any small business that can be launched with a low budget

Who Is this for?

For all struggling beginners, as long as they are motivated









The Motivated

Ready to get started?

If your answer is still yes, join us today to access all the free content to Learn and Start as soon as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join the community?

Yes, it is free to join the community and access the free courses, a group, and forums.

What do I need to start my business?

You need to focus and follow our courses, then take action on them.

I don’t know anything about business!

It does not matter as the courses are made to help you acquire a general web with the guides and try small online ideas with the challenges.

Who is behind this website?

This website is managed by Kydma company, an incorporated company since 2009… For more info read the about us.

When will I access the free content?

Just after you’ve registered and validated your email.

How long does it take to build a business?

Even though our business ideas are simple, the time you’ll need will depend on your dedication and your focus.

Any rules to joining the community?

The regular human decency ones, be cordial and respectful, introduce yourself, complete your profile, and avoid posting about illegal stuff… Fail to follow the rules and your account will be deleted without warning.

I have a question, how to contact you?

We have various ways to offer support, and all of them are listed in the SUPPORT & CONTACT menu below.

DISCLAIMER: We are not implying you’ll succeed with your first small online business; We are using the reference (generate an extra income) for promotion purposes only; Your results will vary and depend on many factors… Including but not limited to your background, web experience, and work ethic; Any business endeavor will involve risk (waste of time, domain name, web hosting costs, etc) and require consistent action towards your goals. If that’s not something you’re willing to accept, this community is not a good fit for you.
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