The Starters community rules

Before joining us, please read the 3 following rules and agree to them (read F.A.Q)

* Members who do not comply with the rules will be deleted.

* You can unsubscribe and delete your account anytime you want.


Introduce yourself

No human wants to exchange with a total stranger, so, to make L.A.S a better place, use this forum to introduce yourself (read the F.A.Q below).


Complete your profile

To receive the best support related to your case… Complete your profile, and answer all the questions (most fields are private)


Try to be active

There is no need for thousands of members when the active ones are fewer, so, we ask you to be active or at least try to be (free non-active members for 30 days will be deleted)

Do you agree to the rules?

If your answer is yes, join us today to access all the free content to Learn and Start as soon as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information public?

The majority of the profile fields are private by default; in some, you can decide to make the info private or public.

Where do I complete my profile?

Click on your username (top right) click on profile > edit and answer the questions.

Why do you ask for all this info?

Because private community is for all of us to help each other, and the admins want to know you better, to help you better.

Any other rules to follow?

The regular human decency ones and avoid posting about any illegal stuff.

Why should I introduce myself?

Because no human wants to share ideas and discuss business with a total stranger, adding to this your information helps you get better support.

Can I delete my account?

you can delete your account and unsubscribe from our lists anytime you want.

Where do I introduce myself?

Introduce yourself in the GENERAL forum, INTRODUCTIONS section.

I don’t have an answer for field X, what should I put?

In the case, you do not have a link (of a website or a specific social media account) to put in a field, just put “”.